Service of humanity through Homeopathy and Humanity First

Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Tanzania has also provided service to humanity through Homeopathy. In all regional centers these services were provided freely to Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis. Many appreciated the services and were eventually cured. Apart from services provided by homeopathy, the Humanity First has also been of service to the country. Medical equipment were provided to the Referral National Hospital (Muhimbili). Science equipment, exercise books and bags were provided to Ahmadiyya Secondary School in Kitonga, Ilala Secondary School in Dar es Salaam and one secondary school in Morogoro. In addition to those services, Jamaat Ahmadiyya currently running a secondary school at Kitonga and Jamia Ahmadiyya was recently renovated in Morogoro. Humanity First assisted in the building of wells and provided solar power especially in rural areas.

Jamia Ahmadiyya

Jamia Ahmadiyya Tanzania is now Officially recognized as the Jamia of East and Central Africa. It has students from Congo, Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda and we expecting some from Kenya. Only recently it went through a major rehabilitation in which a Hall has been built and classes are in place, Lectures houses have been built of good quality to meet the standard of Jamia.

Kitonga Secondary School

After a struggle of 40 years fighting to get a school, we now by the grace of Allah have the Ahmadiyya Secondary School Kitonga. With the help from Markaz and the members of the Jamaat the school has a total of 90 students that are Form One up to form Three. The school was Officially registered 2013. Last year they sat for the National form two examinations and the performance was recommendable. With a very Modern Laboratory the school was able to receive Science equipment from Humanity First.

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